Customer Support

Whether onsite or telephone support are what you're looking for, we are by your side to see you succeed

All of our technicians are top notch and motivated to see your problem through to the end with the fastest turnaround and most long term solution. We also believe in educating you on what created the problem so you can do your best to avoid it in the future.

  • Trained, Certified and Experienced
  • Expertise across multiple technologies
  • Customer friendly and details orientated
  • Better rates with telephone support
  • Share your screen with remote support
  • Call us today at 1-306-880-3063

Online Help Center

We're pleased to help you over the phone with remote screen sharing capability. We have the technology to view your screen, which means we will see what you see, as if we are there beside you, working on the same problem. All that's required is an internet connection so give us a call today, even if that appears to be the issue, we'll get you online:1-306-880-3063

We also have a forum located at where you can find technical troubleshooting documents (includes pictures!), fix issues yourself, leave feedback or discuss topics of interest for free. We believe in building a solid community and welcome the technically saavy and technically challenged alike. Sign up today and help us all succeed.

Click here for Remote Assistance
Just install the software by clicking "Download Now" and running the software to allow us connection to your computer. It's like we're there: we are able to see everything you see on your screen with the ability to control your mouse and keyboard. Get the best way to remote support today. Call 1-306-880-3063 to enroll